How to I stop Excel from inserting @ in a formula (dynamic array formula)

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Hello Excel Forum,

I have noticed that Excel (without my acknowledgment) inserted @ sign in front of Dynamic arrays. 

For example, Formula used to be
= Range.Name.1 + Range.Name.2

I have noticed a calculation error. And I traced the error to the formula being changed to....
= @Range.Name.1 + @Range.Name.2

I do not know how this occurred but it is causing the workbook calculation to be incorrect. 
I would like Excel to stop putting @ sign altogether.

This appears to be happening "randomly" (I can not replicate the error) and I do not understand what triggers Excel to do this. 

This is a serious issue for me because I am now constantly paranoid about having impartial calculations due to @ sign and unable to know if this had occurred without checking every line. 


If anybody has suggestions or similar experiences please share them with me.


Thank you

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