How to hide data entries by different users in a shared excel sheet

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Hi is it possible, to hide data entries in a specific column so that different users without permission can't view it. 


I.e we would like to create a booking sheet for the different agencies we work with. This worksheet would be sent out to different organisations to populate what workers they can send to us for different shifts. And when changes are made in a specific column 'shift confirmed' an alert will be send to all members of that shared spreadsheet. However for data protection issues we don't want the other agency companies to be able to view changes such as Employee Name which would be populated by a different company when they are offering a worker to cover the shift.


Is this possible ?

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The only way I can see this work safely is to set up individual copies of this file. One for each agency with just that agencies data. Then you share each file with the appropriate agency.

To get an overview of all agencies, create a new file which pulls in the data from the agency files using Data, Get Data, From File, From Folder.