How to have items belong to multiple different categories and then be able to filter.

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I'm trying to create a database of different pet foods.

I want to be able to add multiple categories that belong to one 'group' to each product then filter using those categories. 

Most products are used for treating multiple issues, I've made a table with what each of them are for but I want to be able to easily filter for which products treat kidney issues for example without having an incredibly wide table. Is this possible? It feels like it should be but I just don't know where to start.  

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You might consider tabling the data and then adding a slicer (or two).


Another option is to create a pivot table (The data would have to be un-pivoted with PowerQuery first).


While I can't follow why you don't use filters and create a table from them beforehand, I'll send you these links with the information that might help you.


You can create and format a table, to visually group and analyze data.

Filter data in a range or table

Use slicers to filter data

At the same time, with your permission, I would like to recommend that you include information about your digital environment in advance. Inform about your Excel version, operating system/network, storage medium, etc. .

If possible, attach a file and use this file (Drag and drop here or browse files to attach Maximum size: 71 MB ) to explain your intention step by step, so you can get a possible solution much faster and more accurately... and the helper is not forced to make assumptions.


Hope I was able to help you with this info.

Thank you for your understanding and patience



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