How to have column values arranged in pivot as in the picture?

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In pivot, I basically want to arrange 2 values - Agent & Ticket ID.


The current view is like this,

Current view.png


I want to view as like this,

Expected view.png










The pivot is currently like this,

Pivot view.png






































What should I do to get the expected view?


Someone, please help.






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No way with a PivotTable and the 2 fields you exposed + bad luck you're on Mac (a cheaty option exists on Windows with Power Query). Alternative if you run 365:




in E4:

=TicketsByAgent(TableSource[Agent], TableSource[Ticket ID])

in K4:

=TicketsByAgent(TableSource[Agent],TableSource[Ticket ID],TRUE)


Where TicketsByAgent is LAMBDA function:

=LAMBDA(Agents, Tickets, [remove_duplicates],
    StackAgentTickets, LAMBDA(seed, agent_k,
        tickets_agent_k, FILTER(Tickets, Agents=agent_k),
        HSTACK(seed, SORT(IF(remove_duplicates, UNIQUE(tickets_agent_k), tickets_agent_k)))
    u_Agents, TOROW(SORT(UNIQUE(Agents))),
    VSTACK(u_Agents, IFNA(DROP(REDUCE("",u_Agents, StackAgentTickets),,1),""))


As non Mac user I missed the recent General Availability of the Power Query Editor for Excel Mac


The cheaty option:
- Load the Source Table to Power Query
- Group the table by Agent
- Sort each group Ticket IDs
- Add an Index to each Group
- Expand all fields
- Close & Load To... > PivotTable Report


In the PivotTable:
- Agent Index to Rows
- Agent to Columns
- Ticket ID to Values

Then Hide the column that holds the Agent Index:




In the attached file 2 Power Queries that keep or remove duplicates
All query steps done with the User Interface (shorter version exists with the Advanced Editor)