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I am exporting a report that lists multiple employee names in column "B", column "C" is the payroll item (example: Hourly, Overtime, Double Time, A-Foreman, B-Foreman, etc.) and column "D" is the hours worked.  I want the columns to consolidate per Employee name in column "B" then by payroll item in column "C" and finally the total hours worked in column "D".  This would result in the same employee name consolidating into potentially multiple payroll codes.  I cannot seem to figure out how to get the payroll items to show up.  Maybe I am not thinking of the correct function that would work best for this scenario?  Below is an example of what I have for data layout and what I would like to see.


What the report provides:

Column B           Column C           Column D

Employee 1          Hourly                  5

Employee 2          Overtime              2

Employee 1          A-Foreman           1

Employee 2          Overtime               2

Employee 1          Hourly                   1



What I want to see:

Column B           Column C           Column D

Employee 1           Hourly                 6

Employee 1           A-Foreman          1

Employee 2           Overtime              4


I appreciate any help I may get!

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Hi @Kacie_1260 ,


If you have ton of entry's. then use pivot table.

Pivot table.JPG

Fastest and Easiest way. 

If you need more clarification, Pls let me know.


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Thank you very much Naveen!  That was an incredibly easy step to sort my data (50,000+ hours to sort).  I cannot thank you enough for your help.  This is going to save me hours of work!!


I hope you have a wonderful day!



Thank you, Twifoo.  I will be using this function in some of my steps!  I hope you have a great day.


Hi, @Kacie_1260 ,


Glad to help you.