How to go back to the parent cell of a cell in pivot table?

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I would like to edit the source of a pivot table. But I've got a huge amount of data to go through and find the source cell as there are many duplicates. So is there a way to find the source cell of a selected data in the pivot table.


Is there any way we could hyperlink the pivot table so that if we ctrl+click, it could take us back to the parent cell?

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Hi Anwesh - you can double click on any value in a Pivot Table and that will give you a data extract from you original source showing the original data set.

I suggest you add a row number / index column to your source data table and then when you do this extract you will now exactly which rows are making up your figure
This will create a separate worksheet with data which contribute the selected pivot table value. But what I want to achieve is to double-click on a value to go back to it's parent cell and edit it in the data source. Is this possible?
Hi Anwesh,

No that's not possible.

I'd recommend just filtering the source table with the same filters applied by the Pivot Table

This is DEF a feature they should add, as I have been needing to do this EXACT thing so many times. If they made this a feature, it would save a lot of time for us if we could somehow jump straight from the pivot chart cell to that cell in the parent data list.  The double clicking is not exactly what we are looking for, but thank you for the suggestion.  Excel is so powerful and they have thought of so many ways to help us. They just need to add some more to help us all the best possible ways.