How to get values from a field when match and also select a value but getting new ones?

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I have the next scenario:


I want to automatically have updated this Excel tab "B" (users just want to consume it, not entering data here):


Columns: Tests (static)

Rows: Instruments (static)

Body: "Values" (from Excel tab"A") [What I want to trigger automatically!]


Users interact with the tab "A" where they select in a dropdown the "Test" (rows) and mark with "X" when it relates with an "Instrument" on the columns:




They can select the same "Test" multiple times to place a new "Value to show" for other kind of Instruments.


For the "Instruments" and the "Test" when "X" selected we want to show the "Value to show" in red on the tab "B".


Considering the "CMR Drawer" Test as an example that represents the most complex case, I want to have on the Excel tab "B" the next:



I want to take, for the same "Test" (these are added temporary descending), the last values marked with "X" for an Instrument but considering the previous ones if them are not marked with an "X".


Thank you!



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Bonjour dans ma rechercheV je voudrais que ma table de matrice soit toujours la même, car quand je copie la cellule ça fait une erreure car il prend les infos de la cellule suivante
Do you know how to do it? At formula level I've just achieved to get the info of the last row (latest row introduced) but I don't know how to maintain the previous ones for the (in thies corresponding cases) instruments marked before.