How to get top 3 employee name who are top scorer in Message Box using VBA

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EmpName with top 3 bids.pngHi Team..I want to get top 3 Emp Name  along with top 3 bids who has top bids using VBA code. I have written a code to get top 3 bids I can get top 3 bids but not able to get Emp Name in same Msg Box...Please look into the code and help me with Empname who has top bids in the given data.



Sub Top_Bids()

Dim myrange As range
Dim Top1 As Double, Top2 As Double, Top3 As Double

On Error GoTo leave
Set myrange = Excel.Application.Inputbox(Prompt:="Please select a range to get top 3 value", Title:="Top 3 Bids", Type:=8)
If Application.WorksheetFunction.Count(myrange) > 2 Then

Top1 = Excel.Application.WorksheetFunction.Large(myrange, 1)
Top2 = Excel.Application.WorksheetFunction.Large(myrange, 2)
Top3 = Excel.Application.WorksheetFunction.Large(myrange, 3)
MsgBox " Top1 = " & Top1 & vbNewLine & " Top2 = " & Top2 & vbNewLine & " Top3 = " & Top3, Title:="Top 3 Bids!"


MsgBox "Please Select Atleast 3 Cells to Get Top 3 Value", vbInformation

End If


End Sub

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Hi..Thanks for the help but I am not looking for an Excel solution,looking for a VBA solution.



OK. Best wishes....I'm not a VBA one of the other folks around here is going to have to jump in.


In general, I've always been happier when I find a way to accomplish my goal using Excel's amazing array of functions. In some instances, I've been able, doing that, to replace elaborate VBA/macro solutions with Excel functions that operate faster and more accurately by orders of magnitude.


Which isn't to say that there aren't times when VBA is necessary. But so far, I've survived with minimal use of it, and that years ago.



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Clevere Auswertungen per VBA mit dem AutoFilter von Excel



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