How to get rid of blue lines in excel

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Hey guys 


I want to know how to remove these blue lines that are popping up in my excel sheet. I tried removing borders and unchecked "view gridlines" as well but these blue lines are just not going away.


Can someone help?  (pic attached)



Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 10.42.01 AM.png

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Hi @NiravJ1996 



Likely to be conditional formatting... which you can clear as per the screenshot





@Wyn Hopkins Works! Thank you so much!!

Hi @Wyn Hopkins 


I see you helped NiravJ1996 with a similar issue, i wonder if you can help me too.


I want to get rid of the grid lines between some cells but when i delete the grid lines i am left with blue horizontal ones, as if they were hiding beneath. I can't get rid of them. Also, there is a grey vertical line to the right of cell A that runs all the way down the page and will also not disappear. 


Do you know what's going on?





Screenshot 2023-02-23 094318.png