How to get Page x of y format when starting at a page >1

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So please someone tell me I'm missing something.  I can go into Page Layout -> Page Set Up and change "First Page Number" to easily force the page numbers to start at a number >1 but if I use page numbering format of Page x of y the y is 'number of pages' which does NOT take into account that offset.  So if I have a 5 page document and start on page10 it will say Page 10 of 5 then Page 11 of 5, ...

I found out a neat trick that you can add to the 'Page' code in the Header/Footer.  So going into custom header or footer you can type:   

Page &[Page] of &[Pages]

To get the Page x of y format.  You can also type:

Page &[Page]+9

to create page numbering that starts with page 10 (1 + 9).  BUT

Page &[Page]+9 of &[Pages]+9

does NOT work and gives me  "Page 10 of 59" in the example above (i.e. the +9 get appended/concatenated)

This all said I did find a workaround, but wish I knew the 'right' way to do it.

My work around was to create a new tab and fill down a couple hundred rows of "a"

Then format that tab to force scaling to print 1 wide by X tall where X is 1 less than the page you want your actual tab to start numbering at.

Then leave the format of the 2nd tab that you really want as AUTO page numbering using 1 of ?

Highlight both tabs, hit print but then select a page range starting at your needed 1st page (page 10 in this example)

Anyone know a better way?  thank you.

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I know this is a little over a year old but I just discovered that the 'bug' I mentioned above was 'fixed'. So changing 'First Page Number' still does NOT work for page X of N style BUT the second option I mention:
...going into custom header or footer you can type:
Page &[Page]+9 of &[Pages]+9
now DOES work correctly