How to Get Excel to Calculate When New Rows Added

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Relatively new to using excel (beginner). I've built a budget sheet and am having excel calculate the expenses going down (rows) on a cell at the bottom using a formula. If I have more expenses than I currently have rows and want to add more rows as expenses come in, how do I have the "total cell" that's got the formula for calculating everything also calculate the new added rows? I'm not familiar with the table option, so I don't know if I need to be using that to achieve this or not.





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A very reasonable question.


1. Use Excel's  wonderful table capability

2. Put the formula doing the adding apart from the table; it will automatically include new rows.


And some unsolicited advice:

3. Use only one table for all expenses. Let Excel's Pivot Table break out the months for you.


I've attached a very simple example file. Feel free to come back with questions.

If you put 2 numbers in a row even if it 1 and 0, then in the 3rd row do an auto sum, you can insert a row between the 1st two and put a number in that cell. It will auto sum
=SUM(A1:A3) <-- will do change to A3 automatically



Thank you, this was helpful!