How to get data from a Sharepoint subfolder using Excel Power Query?

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I'm trying to use Excel's Power Query to pull data from a bunch of .csv files saved on my company's Sharepoint. We use different folders and subfolders to categorize data from different studios.

I need to get data from a specific subfolder. Its web address may look like this:


Maybe I made some mistakes unaware, but following the instructions from this MS official doc:

The Power Query could only get data from the root folder, like the below link.

It cannot recognize any link pointing to a subfolder.


When I tried to use the below link pointing to a subfolder in the "get data from Power Query folder", I got an error message as shown in the snapshot.




Hence, is there a way to get data only from a specific subfolder on Sharepoint?


I'm using the Office 365 ProPlus subscription on a Win 10 Enterprise 1909.


Many thanks in advance!


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Cross posted here where @HyperBioGhost / EnzoLuo updated the case with a solution