How to get all 100% variants if I know that 23 is in range of 58-73%

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Just as my title says, i really need this urgently, because it's pain to do all by hand and there's a lot of people involved (It's because our marking system in school got changed and it's really hellish)

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In general, for quicker constructive responses, it is always best to provide concrete examples and preferably an example Excel file.  That is even more important when the resolution is needed "urgently".


Usually, you can attach the Excel file by clicking "browse" at the bottom of the reply window.  But apparently, some (new?) users cannot.  In that case, upload the Excel file to a file-sharing website, and post the download URL in a response here.  I like; others like


I have no idea what you mean by "all 100% variants" (is that different from "all variants"?) and by the "range of 58-73%"?


As a very wild guess, are you saying that you have 23 frequencies of scores in the range of 58-73%?  And assuming that scores are "normally" distributed (TBD), you want to predict the frequencies for all scores from 0% to 100%?


Did I mention that that is a "very wild guess"? (wink)



And it would help us help you if you provided concrete examples that show us how you "do all this by hand".