How to fit a table on a A4 paper

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Hello community, i did an input/output tables, as you can see there is 2 tables, i wonder how to fit these tables in only one. After those tables i will work making operations and giving results for a report, so i need this worksheet printable, that's why i'm struggling so much. I required all this information in this one sheet because is more easy to review, to print and make copies on another sheets. 

Anotación 2020-08-07 151520.png


PS1: This was an old work, my ex-boss required me to merge all data in one sheet because there was 2 sheets in one workbook.

PS2: My problem is the space, if i merge all data in one table it probably wont fit in a A4 paper

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You should be able to set the print layout so it will print horizontally (AKA "landscape" mode).





Thank your for your advice, it works