How to find what data cannot be automatically updated anymore

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Hi, I would be very grateful for some help with an issue I have with a specific excel-document of mine. 

I have a document with stock information like stock prices, company names, tickers etc, which are updated automatically regularly. 

Suddenly I received this fail-message: "en del data har uppdaterats men inte alla, eftersom vi ändrat eller tagit bort dem på vår sida. för de data som inte längre uppdateras behålls de senaste resultaten" (Swedish original). My translation: "some of the data has been updated but not all, since we have changed or removed some of it on our side. for the data that is no longer updated, the latest results will remain". 

My question is how I can find the specific data which is not being updated? I have search manually and tried various approaches but cannot for the life of me find which piece of data is the problem. 

Look forward to your input! Thanks!

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