how to find group of numbers at once in sheet

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I had a hard copy of the excel sheets containing big data of numbers. I want a function that allows me to find multiple numbers at the same time. 

example :

in my papers, I have numbers ( 23422,2334,5665,676776,78887,778787.....etc),  on my computer, I have the same papers in excel, how do I match the between them to give me the unmatched numbers?

the  function (find) is not useful because it gives me only one number to search even functions (look up, Vlook,...) 


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You can use Excel’s Find and Replace tool to get multiple values in Excel. You can also use Excel’s Filter option to find multiple values. Another option is to apply Advanced Filter option to return multiple values. You can also insert FILTER Function to find multiple values.

 If you have installed Kutools for Excel, you can use its Select Specific Cells feature to quickly find multiple values at once.


I hope this helps!

Thanks for response
unfortunately, I tried these functions as I mentioned in my post but not working, also I think you didn't get what I need in my post. I already have multiple values in papers but need to be checked to if they matched with same excel papers on my computer. (find ) allows you to search one number to give you multi values but I need to search multi numbers to give me multi-matched or unmatched values .
If all this does not work for you as you said, then I recommend a file (without including sensitive data) or photos and based on this file or photos explain step by step what you intend to do. At the same time, I recommend sending more detailed information. Excel version, operating system, storage medium, Excel file extension, etc., so you can come up with a solution proposal much faster and more accurately.
Normally you can open the search function with CTRL+F and search immediately without a problem.

Thank you for your patience and understanding
in simply
5000 numbers ( printed in hard copy papers ) need to be known if it is matched or not with 200 excel sheets data in my computer, (find) function allows you to write one number...