How to find Custom Lists in Excel on Linux (Office 365)

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Hi, currently stuck trying to find Custom Lists on Excel, Linux.


I've tried under File, Options, but only see how to change Regional Settings.


Also tried the below method but there isn't a Custom Lists options in that drop-down menu, as I thought there would be. Thanks in advance!Screenshot from 2023-12-05 17-03-38.png

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Since there is no Excel version for Linux that I am aware of I suspect you are using Excel on-line. That version does not support custom sort lists.

Hi, yeah, using the Office 365 there's no way to access custom lists unless I have the application installed onto my Windows computer? Cheers @Jan Karel Pieterse 

How about online sql?
you can sort by custom order with sql like:

select * from Sheet1 order by instr('b,c,e,a',field)
Windows or Mac indeed.


I need to custom list for sorting Excell tables.  The guidance online says to choose "Options" under the File menu and then serach deeper for custom lists.

But I do not see anything like "Options" under "File".  So what do I do?

@Windy1211 On my Excel for Windows, Options is here: