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How would I find a name in a database and copy the entire multiple rows that name appears in?

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What kind of database?
It is a (csv) spreadsheet, that has list of names, amounts of DNA, and common ancestors. I need to extract specific names that are in multiple rows to place them in a new spreadsheet, to analyze the data. I am using that find function and it takes hours to extract one name to the new spreadsheet.



Are you familiar with the FILTER function? From your description it would appear to be what you're looking for. It's a new function that requires the newest versions of Excel. Here's a video that explains it


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Have a look at the "From Text/CSV" button on the Data tab of the ribbon. It might help you filter more quickly.

Hi @migoblu 


You import the csv file into excel:

Click Data > From file > From text/Csv


A dialog box pops up to browse for the csv file,


find it and select it then press Import

another dialog box pops up


Click Transform Data then this will pop up


click Close & Load then you will see the csv file got imported into excel it will look like this. click the x in Queries & Connections to close that navigation panel


In a new sheet, type the name you're looking for example 250190

then in a couple of cells below it enter a formula like this:

=FILTER(Book2[#All],ISNUMBER(SEARCH($A$1,Book2[[#All],[Part '#]],1)))

the search formula is basically saying search $A$1 (which is the name that you're looking for that you typed on cell A1, then selecting the entire column called Part # of the csv that was imported example: Search($A$1, Column range where the name is) then put that formula into an

ISNUMBER(Put the search formula in here)

then create the formula

FILTER(Select the whole range that was imported, then the other two fromulas in here)


formula #1 SEARCH($A$1,Book2[[#All],[Part '#]],1)

formula #2 ISNUMBER(Put formula #1 in here)

formula #3 FILTER(Select entire range of the imported csv, Formula #1&2 nested here)))

and the result will show:



Hope that helps.