How to Find and Delete a Link in an Excel

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Hi, My Excel Indicates It cannot update a link when I open it.  I cant see any link in the Data links, so not sure where to find and delete the link.  


The message says: 

We cant connect to "https://LOCALS~1/Temp/DOCUME~1/........ and ends with .xls


Please help,



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Find links (external references) in a workbook

Linking to other workbooks is a very common task in Excel, but sometimes you might find yourself with a workbook that has links you can’t find even though Excel tells you they exist. There is no automatic way to find all external references that are used in a workbook, however, there are several manual methods you can use to find them in this upper Link.



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Another approach is using vba to remove broken links

Sub BreakLinks()
    Dim wb As Workbook
    Set wb = Application.ActiveWorkbook
    If Not IsEmpty(wb.LinkSources(xlExcelLinks)) Then
        For Each link In wb.LinkSources(xlExcelLinks)
            wb.BreakLink link, xlLinkTypeExcelLinks
        Next link
    End If
End Sub
Thanks. I’ve tried all those things but can’t seem to locate it. Seems that this is a link to a webpage, but I don’t see any hyper links.

Did you try the code posted above?

Maybe it can help you.


If none of this worked, try Inquire and make a Workbook Analysis.

Analyze a workbook with Spreadsheet Inquire


Hope I was able to help you with this info.


*Ps. If this not help too, then send the file (without sensitive data).



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