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Hi, sorry if this has been asked but I'm unable to find the answer. I have a sheet with my students information on it and I want to autofill each students information onto individual worksheets. How do I tell excel that student 'x' name from cell A2 should go into cell B3 in worksheet Student (1) and student 'x' name from cell A3 should go into cell B3 in worksheet Student (2)??? And I should warn you that you may have to use crayons to explain this to me because I am an excel novice. TIA. 

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There are often, in Excel, many ways to accomplish a given objective. In your case, it might be helpful if you gave us a bit more of the complete picture. What's the nature of the data you expect to have on each student, for example, and why do you want to have a separate spreadsheet on each student? I can understand having the ability to print out a full report on a single student, but that doesn't necessarily mean that each student needs to have her or his separate and permanent spreadsheet. It's fairly easy to extract data from a master database, a database containing all relevant into on ALL the students to report, one-by-one on each individual. 


So if you could provide a more complete picture of what you're doing here, making sure you're not making assumptions based, say, on prior paper methods of tracking all this. Excel has remarkable abilities to manage data, and a common newbie mistake is to picture it as mainly a bit more automated but basically still a replica of prior paper records with you doing a lot of the "heavy lifting."


If it's possible, could you post a copy of whatever spreadsheet you may already have, just making sure that no real names of real students are included. Use the names of favorite movie characters.

@mathetes My reason for wanting each student to have their own worksheet is so that I can have their personal contact information preprinted for my records and parents wouldn't have to fill out a blank information form for me because as someone with 4 children, I know how tedious and time consuming it is every year. I would be able to have them check it for accuracy without exposing their information to other parents. I could just run the report the district gives us with their info on it, but being the weirdo I am I would like to have that info on my own, (cute?) form. I teach 2nd grade. 

  I've attached a pdf for reference. TIA

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If I understand you correctly, then, you want to be able to print a copy for each student, a printed sheet that the parents can complete (and/or correct). Emphasis on PRINTED.

If that's in fact a correct understanding, your best way to create a really nice personalized printed sheet would be to use your Excel database (which is a good one) as the source for data in a MailMerge through Microsoft Word. That would give you the maximum amount of flexibility in formatting (including adding a nice graphic). The two packages (Excel and Word) are made to collaborate, and do so well, for exactly that kind of output.
It works!!! You're a genius!! Thank you so much!
You're welcome. Now you can dazzle people with your wizardry.