How to extract what data from a date in time that was added to workbook

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I'm am looking for a way to find out what data has been added to my workbook from a certain date and time.  

In short looking for a way to pull all data that was added to my spreadsheet since a certain  date. Is there a way to do this other than going into the History of the changes made on the file?

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@dhagerman - If the file is stored on your OneDrive or SharePoint, utilizing version history can get you what you are looking for.






@SanthoshKunder THank you for this but I believe I found what I was looking for.  It's called: Spreadsheet Compare.  This will compare my older file with the current file and show me what has  been added to the current on since the oldest one last date of modification. 

Now, if i could just get  it to stop "not responding".