how to extract number of cells from great numbers of data sheet.

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Dear All;

Hope my message finds all of you well.

here is a sales sheet :

Pharmacy codeNameAddressproductsales quantity
765071faid el kareemelbitashZisrocin35
765030Inas hammadDaraysaModazar10

This sheet containing more than 166,000 rows (duplication occurs only in the first 3 columns)

my goal is to extract my customer codes from this sheet.

i.e I have to find my customers ( about 10.000 pharmacy) by using their known codes, within the sheet which containing about 166,000  pharmacy codes.

Thanks and Warm Regards.

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@Abdul-Rahman You don't really give away much, but I suspect that Power Query could be of help in this case. A great tool that can handle large data sets, provided you're not on a Mac. And 166K rows of data isn't all that spectacular.

Provide more information (perhaps upload a file with a few hundred rows of data) and explain what you would like to see a result from those.


@ Riny_van_Eekelen
Thanks a lot I will give it a try.