How to enumerate a bunch of different cells (as dates)?

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Hello everyone!


My excel level is beginner, I hope you can help me.


I've an excel sheet that I'm using regularly with different data. I'm leaving here a sample:


Cell G2: 2021/11

Cell L2: 2021/12

Cell G18: 2022/01

Cell L18: 2022/02

Cell G34: 2022/03

Cell L34: 2022/04

Cell G50: 2022/05

Cell L50: 2022/06

Cell G66: 2022/07

Cell G67: 2022/08

Cell G82: 2022/09

Cell L82: 2022/10


The problem is that this data isn't fixed. So, what I need is when I change cell G2 to: "2021/07", I need the rest to change respectively from 2021/07 to 2022/06. So, how can I enumerate them automatically like this?


Thanks in advance.


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@Stockfish Consider using the built-in function EDATE in formulas.