How to do Dotted number Real time

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I'm An Undergraduate majoring In Accounting From Indonesia
I Work with a lot - a lot of numbers. And it's such a hassle to count the zeros 


I already Format the Cell and when I pressed to enter the Number become like this 


But i need to press enter and count up the zero to know how many zeros i put in.
Is there no way for me to The dot Appear in real-time so I can count precisely how many zeroes I put in?


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If I understand correctly you want the comma (or period) to show up while typing the number so it is easier to count the number of zeros while entering the number. The answer to that is no, that is not possible but if it is just adding zeros at the end of the number then you can just add e# where # is the number of zeros you want to add. So in your example for 600,000 you could type 6e5 instead. This will cause excel to format it in scientific notation (6.00E+05) but then at the end you can highlight the column and select the correct format.
Thanks so much for the answer!
It helped a lot. It's kinda unfortunate that Excel doesn't have this capability