How to do a Fuzzy match in Power Query in Excel for Mac?

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How would you merge tables with Power Query if the data is not entered consistently - some uppercase, some lowercase, and some mixed?




"Fuzzy matching" lets you ignore case, but it causes an error if someone using a Mac tries to refresh the query.  And if you're trying to set up the query on a Mac, you can't, because Fuzzy match doesn't exist there.



If only people with Excel for Windows will be using the file, go ahead and use Fuzzy matching.

If anyone with a Mac needs to use the file, you should not use Fuzzy matching.  Instead, transform the columns for the merge so they have the same case (lowercase, uppercase, or capitalized). Then set up the merge without using Fuzzy matching.  I have a blog post that describes this in detail.  Excel for Mac: no Fuzzy Merge in Power Query? How to ignore case when merging queries.



Please let me know if you have questions or need help.

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Hope Fuzzy will appear one day on Mac.

By the way, why copyright mark is ended by 2023 on your site, do you cancel it from this year?