How to divide text using text-to-column in this situation

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I'm trying to look up how many times a specific keyword (in column G) appears in the table (B5:E15) using the =Countif function, but and as you can guess, the keywords in the table have a number assigned. 

There is a number then a space and then a keyword. E.g. 1 니트  

I want to somehow easily get rid of the numbers assigned to the keywords without having to manually delete them by hand. 

Do you have any good suggestions on how to go about it? 

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If you want to keep the numbers, you could use


=COUNTIF(B4:E14, "*"&H4)


To get rid of the numbers, you could do the following:

In B16, enter the formula

=MID(B4, FIND(" ", B4)+1, 100)

Fill to the right to E16, then down to row 26.

Select B16:E26.

Copy this range, then paste as Values to B4.

You can then clear B16:E26, it is not needed anymore.

Wow, you are so clever! Thanks for your help! The first solution using the Counif function works perfectly. But, the other solution using the mid function returns an error value with "#VALUE!".


Perhaps the character between the number and the text is not a space.

Does this work?

=MID(B4, FIND(CHAR(160), B4)+1, 100)