How to divide column into equal parts

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Hi, I am trying to figure out how to save some time on massive amounts of data by dividing a column into equal parts. 


Step 1: I have hundreds of stock tickers per sheet, and hundreds of sheets. I create a "countif" function to count the number of tickers in a column, then divide that into 4 parts while grouping all sheets.


EX: if there are 232 tickers, I will have the following numbers 58, 116, 174, then ending in 232


In a different column, I'm trying to find a way to assign "1" to 1-58, number "2" to 59-116, "3" to 117-174, "4" to 175-232.


I have hundreds of sheets to do this over and was hoping there was a shortcut. Any ideas?


Thank you in advance for your wonderful help!


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