How to: display value if ANY cell within a row has a non-zero value?

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I’m looking for a formula to put in Column E that will automatically look at the cells in Columns B-C-D of the same row and IF there is a value in ANY of those cells, the value will be displayed in Column E, but ONLY if there are no conflicting values in the other cells. If there is a discrepancy between cells I want to display ERROR. If there are no values in any cells I want to display n/a.

Thanks in advance for you help!Excel help.JPG

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You can try a nested IF in e.g. Excel 2013. If you have Office 365 or Excel 2021 you can simplify with formulas such as UNIQUE.

nested if.JPG



= BYROW(voted, Partyλ)

= LAMBDA(v, 
      party, UNIQUE(FILTER(v, v <> "", "n/a"), 1),
      consistent, COUNTA(party) = 1,
      IF(consistent, party, "ERROR")


Don't see why changing party should be an error though.  Henry could be seen as the sanest cookie in the jar!



This is for 365 (or 2021) only.