How to display stock values for DJIA - (Global X Dow 30 Covered Call ETF) and Not Dow Jones Index

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I'm attempting to add the stock ticker DJIA (Global X Dow 30 Covered Call ETF) to Excel but it defaults to the Dow Jones Index (DJI).  If I search by name it only returns the Dow Jones Index.  Anyway to get around this?

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Following up on my own question. I was able to get this work by adding the exchange to the ticker so in my case I entered 'ARCX:DJIA' which gives me the correct ETF and not the Dow Jones Index.

@Otchipwe you didn’t find a workaround, trust me. I tried every workaround. The fact is that it may take a few months for Microsoft to add the stock ticker to excel. And they just added DJIA to their stock data. I didn’t have to use the method you used, I just used DJIA. 

Just gotta be patient sometimes. This is a new ETF.