How to display an item from a paired group of information when a cell has a value

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I have no idea how to word this, and I am a complete newcomer to this, but say I have this data in E3:E6 and F3:F6.

If I entered 100 in B3, like in this image, how would I get C3 to display "example1", the value of F3, as if E3 and F3 are paired. Additionally, would such a solution also work for the other examples B4:B6 and displaying their equivalent in C4:C6? Also if there was a larger amount of data would it still work?

I tried searching for a solution, but couldn't seem to find one, so any help would be great, thanks in advance.



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@Squalkl You need XLOOKUP() function.


If you are on old version of excel then use VLOOKUP().