How to delete hidden cells from a worksheet

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I want to delete hidden rows and columns from a huge data base (so it would be way too time consuming to delete them one by one). Is there a way to delete all hidden rows and columns in a worksheet?


I have Excel on Mac (the latest version I guess)


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@Hans Vogelaar  Thanks but I dont have the Inspection option on Excel for Mac... and the VBA stuff is a complicated for me


I hope that someone with a Mac will have a suggestion for you.

@Hans Vogelaar , it seems that option is no longer available in Excel.. I am a microsoft user, not Mac.





I have Office 2021 for Windows; it does have the Hidden Rows and Columns option:


@ASDeshaiesR I'm a mac user and found a workaround. I don't know how big your database is but I was able to copy and paste the table into word then copy and paste it back into excel and it dropped the hidden cells. There was a little bit of reformatting I had to do but it did the trick for me.


Hope that helps in the future.