How to delete an empty worksheet in excel

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I want to delete a blank worksheet from Excel.  I have right clicked in the tab to try and delete it but just get a message that says the action cannot be completed.  It will not even let me close the Excel application at all.  I have tried everything I know but as I am not very good with the Excel package I am at a loss on how to deal with this problem. Please can you help me.

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Please answer a few basic questions:

Does the problem only occur in a special Excel workbook?

Does the problem only occur with a special command? ... if several, then which one?

In which storage medium (OneDrive, Sharepoint, hard disk, etc.) is the file saved?

Which Excel version and operating system do you have installed?

These are just a few questions where it would be good if these were known from the outset.


You can try the following beforehand


Install the latest update

Repair Office programs

Start Office applications in safe mode

Identify possible problems with the add-in

Check if the file was created by a third party


Thank you for your understanding and patience



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Thanks for your help but I have sorted the problem now

This forum lives from the feedback, it would be nice if you share your solution with all of us here, so all the other users here will also be helped.

Thank you for your patience and time.
I was advised by a friend that if I named the worksheet and put some typing in the worksheet so that it wasn't blank I would then be able to delete it. Thankfully this worked and everything is fine now.