how to delete a posted discussion on this forum

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I got the problem solved thanks

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There are people who come frequently to this site who could help. I'm hoping that none of them will in your case. We're really not here to do your homework for you.


I'll offer this suggestion, though, if you choose to persist in seeking help, other than perhaps talking with fellow classmates or your instructor (that being far and away the more responsible way to approach this).

  1. Take a pass yourself at writing the macro/VBA routine that the question asks for. In other words, DO some of your homework. 
  2. Then, if it doesn't work totally as desired, come and post your work and ask for feedback. (But be aware, the work you post should show evidence that you really worked at it.)


But don't come expecting to have your homework done for you. That's really not what this forum is for.

ok chill senior, it is my first time using excel VBA and have only been learning it for 2 months so far, on top of that it is also my first time using this group discussion, in fact, I have just created my account today, you don't even know that I did my homework and that I've been trying to solve the question for the past weeks, I have reached out to friends and experts to help me, your harsh words ain't necessary, why being so petty at the beginning of new year man who hurt you, is this your usual response when people are trying to approach you with some help, "I am hoping none of them could help you in your case", you honestly cracked me up. sending my best regards and have a fabulous year ahead



If you had given some sign that you'd worked on it, my response would have been quite different. How, from your initial post, was someone to take for granted that you'd worked at it for two weeks.


I even suggested you show some work, some attempt, some start. As it was--and yes, I've responded in like manner to others who come and ask for school assignments to be done--it sounded solely like you wanted to have the answer presented to you.


Happy New Year; do well at school.