How to create macro for extracting data sample range

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Dear all,

I have a sample excell Sheet 1 in wich I have a bunch of data collected by an aquisition system. The date a represented as :

In A column: date and time of the sample
In B column value of the sample


I have 1000 records displays. The goal is that within this 1000 records, I need to display in Sheet 2 :

- Column  A the date and time  of sample at T0+60second of Shhet 1

- Column  B the Value  of sample at T0+60second of Shhet 1


In other words from the whole set of the 1000 records wich I have collected I need to extract one record every 60s


How cqn I do that with a macor, never doen this before and never use but if you provide sample I could understand


Thanks for help


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Serge, Can you post some sample data? I made a start and have attached a spreadsheet which still needs a lot of work for it to run seamlessly. Before going further I want to sure its what you're looking for.


Hello thanks for your help, appreciate.

see this thread I have post on VBA forum in case :





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