How to create clear button without Macros

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I have created a document via desktop that will largely be filled via phone. When I open with a phone it disables the macros, so the clear worksheet button I created won't work.


How can I create a clear worksheet button without macros?


This will have to be written as to only clear a select volume of cells as to not delete the template which is locked. Also, some of the cells I want to clear contain drop downs via data validation that I want to keep.

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@ewolf69 you can use AUTOMATE using Excel online and then open the document using online Excel in both cases:


In theory the AUTOMATE script should or will work in desktop also but last I tried they didn't.  That said I was able to link a button for an AUTOMATE script to a macro also and hence it work in both cases for me (online it executed the Script and in desktop is executed the Macro)