How to create a sum formula which auto changes after a week

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I am looking to create a excel sheet for a order vs sales for my business.


Part of this sheet, I am attempting to create a formula which will auto populate the last 4 weeks of ordering and sales differentials so I can get a monthly summary for the last 4 weeks of how we are performing.


However, I am struggling to do this. I can attach my screenshots of my workbook to help understand.

I am continuing the base template further down and just aiming to create a simple formula for the bottom right table which will choose the 4 latest weeks worth of summary and will auto populate with all the data



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Is it possible for you, without revealing any confidential or proprietary data, to post an actual copy of the spreadsheet. Not just an image. Otherwise, you're in effect asking anybody who might want to help to recreate a lot of data just in order to come up with a formula (or formulas) that would fit your need.


Put that spreadsheet on OneDrive or GoogleDrive and paste a link here that grants access.