How to count and sum "Condtional formatting" cells by color in Excel 2010?

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I installed few add-ins for counting "Conditional formatted" cells but all are generating an instant (one-time) numeric result by activating that command.


Also, I tried a code which gives an instant counting of 1 picked color without a total sum of all other colors -in my case 12 colors in a matrix. ("How to use the code to count colored cells and sum their values" - )

My question is: Is there any functional code (or other aproach) which can count and sum all cells by "Conditional formatted" colors, on one sheet, and that the generated result is linked through common formulas? That can be updated/refreshed/code run during the work process as a complete overview of colors of a matrix (and not by picking every color every time as I mentioned).
Thanks in advance!

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@Jamil Mohammad 


Thank you Jamil for the code. I have tried to use it in Excel 2019 because the code is not working for me... I tried to replicate the formula to another range even in your file and the code did not work..

Thanks for reply