How to convert date format from imported data?

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Dear community,

with Office 2010 I usually imported csv data in US format into my German Excel sheet and in the 3rd step of the import wizzard I changed the Date Format from DMY to MDY, so that 09.01.2019 could be understood correctly as September 1st, 2019. Since I upgraded my Office package to O365 I do not see the wizzard anymore and the import function always gives me the wrong result January 9th, 2019 for the same example. 

Is there a simple way to change the Date Format by importing csv data, without having to insert new columns and rework the data with formulas?

I'd appreciate your support on that.


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@Leo_DE165 , you may use old wizard as well if you add it in options


and use in Data->Get data->Legacy Wizards

In Power Query (new wizard) you shall edit the query before loading, select column with date and from right click menu Change type->Using locale


@Sergei Baklan Thank you very much for your fast and good response. It solved my problem! Great!!


@Leo_DE165 , you are welcome