How to convert condition based rows into tables

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I have an excel sheet with me in which user data is saved in rows but I have to convert it into coloumns. Explaining below what I mean.


This is table that I have.

Customer IdMonthOrdersGMV
101/08/18 0:001000.31
101/09/18 0:002000.43
101/10/18 0:001500.43
101/11/18 0:0012010.42
201/08/18 0:00123120.12
201/09/18 0:002131340.68
201/10/18 0:0034530.52
201/11/18 0:00540.1
301/08/18 0:00352.3
301/09/18 0:003456.2
301/10/18 0:003450.2
301/11/18 0:004353210.4


As you can see in this table, every customer id (col#1) has a different GMV(col #3) for a fixed set of months (col #2) . I am trying to convert this table into columns. Something like this.

Customer id01/08/18 0:0001/09/18 0:0001/10/18 0:0001/11/18 0:00


Is there a way I can achieve this?

P.S. This is a small subset of the original data -- attaching an excel file too in case needed


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@priyankagarwal Perhaps pivot table like in the attached file?



select range of the table and copy it and use paste special(control+alt+v)press and select transpose and click ok then rows will convert into colums ,this will work definetly,please try it