How to compare different pivots in two different excel workbook? Urget help

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I really need help...

I have received two excel workbooks that pivot tables not the raw data for sheets

my task is to compare the numbers of two excels(pivots)

I tried to do it by ctrl-a selecting everything and paste as a value

but the data is huge my laptop is not ok with it.

is there any solution to compare these two huge pivot tables without having raw data of sheets....

if yes? how?

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Afraid not, it's better to compare data sources

@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks. How can I compare 2 different excel workbooks? with huge data

but they don't have the same row or column 

only some similarities

with lots of hierarchy



Power Query could work, but it's hard to say not seeing the sample

Can you please show me How to compare two excel files in which rows and columns are not the same?