How to combine IF OR functions

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So I want to do the following:

1 cel has a dropdown of 3 items

in another cell I want to say: 

if option A then 1 comes out

if option B then 2 comes out

if option 3 then 3 comes out


How do I fix this please. Thanks


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Like this:


The formula in B2 is


My source of the dropdown is in another worksheet same workbook
Worksheet A: 




This I want to combine in worksheet B


Where "doelstelling has the dropdown of the first colums (2MER....) and the Bpl has then the option which is 1:1 (so if they choose 2MER010101 then the option "5074000000" comes out; so on)


I've tried your solutions but they daon't work for me. Thanks for the info


Let's say the source is B2:B4 on a sheet named Source Data.

The formula from my previous example then becomes


=MATCH(A2,'Source Data'!$B$2:$B$4,0)


A newer function that replaced MATCH in 365:

= XMATCH(selected, validationList)

The 'exact match' is now the default.  The defined names can be chosen according to the context.