How to clone a cell (or group of cells)?

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How can you clone a cell in a different position?


For example:

I have in Cell C1 the following content: "=A1+B1"

Where in A1=2 and B1=3 so Cell C1=5


I would like to clone Cell C1 to C2 so that in both cells, C1 and C2, there is the same formula: "=A1+B1"


Is there a way to perform such cloning?

I was looking into the Paste Special options but didn't find anything that would do that.

Do you have any suggestion on how to do that, please?








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Change the formula in C1 to =$A$1+$B$1

You can now copy/paste C1 to C2 (or wherever you want) and the formula will remain the same.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks for your reply.

I know that the $ sign allow to stick to the specific cell.

Yet, I still need to clone my cell(s).

Indeed the example was just to explain the question.

My real case is that I have a very complex summary table within an excel tab and want to clone 3 times to make minor modifications and then make What-if analysis.

Right now I am copying the table on a CSV and then import it back again. Is there a way to do as a special paste, please?







To my knowledge there is no one-click action to clone the formula. Tricks are here Copy a Formula  , perhaps your case at very bottom of above 

Yes. The last trick make the job.
Thanks very much.
How to suggest Microsoft to add the clone option to the special paste?

@varoppe , you are welcome.


Practically the only way is to submit that on (if it wasn't already submitted). Microsoft monitors this source and adjust its plans based on feedback on it. More votes - more chances it'll be implemented.