How to change the formula on Agile Gantt Chart

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I'm new to the excel Gantt and I'm not an expert in using Pivot tables or formulas. 


I've started using the Agile Gantt Chart template - I noted there's at start date and finish dates, and the number of days. However, I would like to track if my projects are on track as per scheduled, therefore I have amended the start and finish dates to "schedule" and added three columns: Actual started date, Actual finished date and the Actual no of days (highlighted in yellow) 


I noted the formulas on the Gantt chart was based on the Start and finish date - how do I change the formula for the whole Gantt Chart so that it shows the progress of my Actual start and finish dates (circle in red)? So that it's consistence for the whole Gantt Chart - as I would like to track where is the bottle neck of the projects. 


Thanks in advance for the help! 


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