How to change the dates according to a year selected in a drop down list

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Hi everyone!


I've been scratching my head and I'm sure there is a simple solution. On the spreadsheet you'll see a drop down list at the top where you can select the current year and subsequent years up to 2032. On the table below it, there are some columns on the right with the month and year going from March to July 2021. Is there a way I can get these cells to automatically update what the year is while keeping the months the same, based on the year selected in the drop down menu? I hope that makes sense!


Thanks for any help you can offer

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Hi @Jarvo 


You may use below formula :

="Mar-"&RIGHT($E$2,2) so it will be changed when year will be changed.

This formula will work in regular cell but I doubt it will work if cells are Hearders of a table (as in your case).


A sample file is also attached for your reference. Please let me know if it works for you.





Yes, table headers are static, you can't change them by formulas.



Thanks! Yeah as was suggested in the other response, the table headers don't allow for functions/formulas (which I hadn't realised). So I've done an alternative for table headers and your formula  works! Thank you very much you've helped me a lot here.

Thank you I had not realised that!