How to change default "direction on enter" in browser based Excel

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Is there a way to change the default setting for movement on enter in the browser based version of Excel? I know for the desktop application if you go to File>Options>Advanced>editing options, there is a dropdown where you can select a different direction for movement on pressing the enter key, but this does not seem to exist (or perhaps is locked from general users) in the browser version when accessing items through SharePoint. The only option available under "options" there is regional settings. 


I was hoping to utilize Sharepoint to allow multiple individuals to edit the file at the same time and it is more convenient for our purposes to have the selected cell move right instead of down. (Based on the facilities settings it is not possible to have multiple editors in the document at the same time with the full application ).



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You are correct - this is currently not settable in Excel Online. Perhaps in a future version.

@Hans Vogelaar that's unfortunate, but thanks for confirming