How to change Comma style to Dot in Office 365 IPAD

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Hi everyone,


I could not find any setting to change the default “comma style” in Excel (Office 365) for my IPAD.


Can anyone help me on this? 


Thanks  & Best regards,


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Didn't work with iPad but I almost that is operational system setting, shall be close to regional settings.

Hi, Have you managed to change this setting on your IPad excel? Currently this renders excel somewhat useless to us heavy users of excel.



I also have a problem using excel with the decimal point format. 

I need to be able to use either decimal point or decimal comma for reasons outside my reach and cannot find how to make excel understand the "comma" or the "point" as the "decimal point" designator. 


I have tried to read all relevant help information on the subject but are still wandering in darkness on this subject.


Can anyone shed some light to me, please! 





I did some research and found yet no system solution.

However I found one suggestion to use the "substitute" -function to take care of the decimal point to decimal comma problem. Now, this a spreadsheet cell specific hack that you may want to use but not a true solution to the main problem.



In the sample above I have in its column G the point -specific value I want to convert into a comma -notated value. The formula is then copied to all rows needed.


To make this work I had to secure that excel understand the value as being a number and not a text. That I forced by nesting the conversion into the sum -function.


As you can see it works for me in this particular sheet. It is a hack that then has to be maintained if and when more information rows are included.