How to capture the selected value of a slicer in a formula?

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I need to capture the selected value of a slicer like ID or Date. In browsing the Slicer Settings, there a defined name for the Slicer and stated that its can be used in a formula. I tried to in insert in a cell =INDERECT formula or simply =defined name but none did work. 

Is there a way to get the value of selected slicer?




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@Thamer_Tarabzouni The attached article clearly demonstrates how to do just that. And at the end it also explains the real meaning of the bit "Name to use in formulas:" 


Alternatively if you run Excel > 2010 on Windows, load your SourceTable to the Data Model (Power Pivot):




in I11 (returns the 1st item selected in Slicer_Name

    CUBESET("ThisWorkbookDataModel", Slicer_Name),

 Corresponding sample attached