how to calculate quantities used using manufacturer part code

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Hi, i need to make sure the wording matches and then reduce the quantity on the left by the quantity on the right.  Is there a simple way to do this please? As wording are not always going to be on the same line. 

   Equipment used:  
Parts DescriptionManufacturer Part CodeSupplierQuantityParts DescriptionManufacturer Part CodeSupplier:
apollo xpp95 addressable smoke detector55000-600APOADI50apollo xpp95 addressable smoke detector55000-600APOADI
apollo xp95 manual call pointSA5900-908APOADI100apollo xp95 manual call pointSA5900-908APOADI
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as the manufacturer part code on the right needs to 'find' the manufacturer part code on the lef, see the quantity mount next to it and then reduce in a new column


I don't see a quantity on the right...

@Hans Vogelaar there’s one on the right the one on the left is missing but it’s Column A 


I'd use a separate column so that you can see the original stock. See the attached workbook.