How to calculate amount based on different categories?

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I have worksheet with the following:
Procedures; subcategorized to a,b,c and I want to calculate the amount for each one of them based on specific formula. e.g. if a, amount= 50/100 but if b, amount= 30/100.


Is it possible to do this? 



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Yes, possible. Attach a sample file and show your desired result.

@Harun24HR Thank you so much for your help


 Procedure CostMy share
Total 71336397

My share should be based on 2 conditions. 1- type of procedure in Column two. 2- Cost.

EMG e.g. the amount in my share should be 30% of the cost column. EEG, my share amount is 40% (40/100) of the cost. NCSA, my share is 50% of the cost amount. 


what formula I can use to get these automatically.


Thanks again for your help


I'd use a small lookup table:


Formula in E2 is


Thank you so much

Really helpful, Appreciated

one more question please,
I want D2(cost)=D2 times C2. what formula i can use? I know these questions are basics but would really appreciate help


D2 cannot equal D2 times C2 - that would cause a circular reference and Excel would stop recalculating formulas.

Instead, insert a new column to the right of column D, and insert the formula =C2*D2 in E2.

I did, Thank you again for your extreme help