How to build deductible table

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I will try to explain what I'm trying to accomplish.  I have an inventory of maps.  When someone signs out a map, I would like there to either be a drop down menu of the type of map and how many were taken.  Once that happens, I would like for the inventory to reflect the new amount based upon the number that was taken.  For me, this seems impossible but hopefully one of you gurus can help me out.  Thank you,


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Is it possible? Definitely. Is it a good idea to use Excel to manage an inventory? Ehhh...


How important is it to you to have accurate numbers (including numbers that cannot be wrongly manipulated)? What if two people are trying to manipulate the workbook at the same time? What happens when the workbook is corrupted? What if multiple copies of the workbook exist, and signouts were made to a not-the-latest copy? Can you prevent users from adding malicious code? And a design issue not specific to Excel: How will you handle discrepancies between calculated counts and observed Count On Hand?


Serious, secure databases (I don't include Access among them) and compiled software are the best tools for the job.


OK, so if you've convinced yourself that you should use Excel... VBA will be required (as will a version of Excel that supports it). You could write code for the Worksheet_Change event handler of your signout worksheet. Read up and/or watch videos on those topics. Then also consider the alternative of creating a UserForm with custom code.


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